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Coaxum Connects, LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in connecting people to resources to help achieve goals via an array of services that assist with business formation, strategic management, human resource and personnel management, fund development, MWBE certification, political strategy, leadership and team motivation.

Coaxum Connects is the “go-to” consulting firm because “connecting” is in our DNA. The firm identifies problems in operations and works to improve performance by developing successful client strategies to motivate and encourage progress. Coaxum Connects differentiates itself via its ability to offer an individual touch to customer needs. By providing constant guidance and feedback directly from the firm’s founder, clients have confidence and security that they are the number one priority.

Our founder’s, unique background includes connecting people to resources as both Region II Advocate for U.S. Small Business Administration under President Barack Obama’s, and Deputy State Director for U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. With years of top profile experience, the firm’s robust network, knowledge, quality systems based on customer needs, and vetted background on all levels of government and the private sector, our firm ensures that clients receive the most effective and efficient products and services to achieve success.

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