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Thomas Zeumer, the man behind the careers of Claudia Schiffer & Heidi Klum now scouting through Fresh Faces USA!

by Cris Cardona

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Not long ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime; the chance to interview one of the most influential people in the world of modeling, the one who discovered and developed the careers of Super Models such has Heidi KlumEva HerzigovaClaudia Schiffer and many more. I am delighted to introduce you to Thomas Zeumer, one of the most successful super-agents in the modeling industry and the founder, ex president & CEO of Metropolitan New York!

Currently Thomas Zeumer is CEO of the renowned online agency ModelKarma, where he shares his knowledge and skills with aspiring and professional models.

What’s the big news? ModelManagement in association with ModelKarma have launched the very first FRESH FACES USA  MODELING CONTEST!

Want to know more about him and ModelKarma? Keep reading and learn from one of the best!

ModelManagement: Can you tell us about the concept behind ModelKarma and how it started?

Thomas Zeumer: Of course. After I had managed and discovered many Super Models, I decided to open our doors to any girl with a killer attitude, a unique look and a serious modeling obsession.  Model Agencies just do not have the capacity to look at every girl who sends an e-mail with photos of her.

MM: What brought you to create a modelling site that is 100% online and integrated fully with social media?

TZ: Good news for all the aspiring models out there. The modeling business has changed a bit. Social media became extremely important for all models. ModelKarma is an internet portal to touch! Our offices are in Union Square, Manhattan, NYC & are open for girls who are interested in MK. We have castings, Photo shootings, Seminars, and Red Carpet events. We are the place where die hard model hopefuls can meet, play, get discovered and managed. Any time, Any place!

MM: Being an expert in the modeling industry and having discovered some of the most renowned supermodels, in your opinion, what are the key qualities a model must have to succeed in the business?

TZ: Passion, Personality, and a unique Look

MM: What are the challenges for aspiring models today? Do you think it is more challenging for a model to boost his/her career today than it was in the 90’s for example? If so why?

TZ: With sites such as modelkarma.com and modelmanagement.com it’s much easier to get exposure, in a serious way. I would tell any girl to check out the credentials of a model site on the Internet. Most of them are inexperienced people and most are, in one way or another, scams. Go for the real deal.

MM: You have the ability to discover new talents and guide models to get on top, what criteria do you follow to find new models and launch their careers?

 TZ: My criteria to find new models is simple: Once a week I look at the girls on ModelKarma, the new ones and the ones who updated their portfolios.

My team will give them important advice to get ready for the next steps. I will detect this special thing, this angle of beauty in them and eventually invite them to visit ModelKarma in NYC.

MM: Metropolitan Sports was created to promote professional athletes such as Steffi Graf who was featured on Vogue Magazine. Why did you decide to create this sub-division from Metropolitan New York?

TZ: Sports is Entertainment. Modeling as well. A lot of Sports stars are too shy to model. But they are disciplined and have well trained bodies. Definitely perfect for modeling. It could  be a runner, a volleyball player, skier, skateboarder or whatever.

MM:  Metropolitan New York became one of the most famous agencies expanding in the international market with Metropolitan Germany in Munich and Berlin. What advantages did you find in those two markets that made you create a modeling business there?

 TZ: We were in many markets: Munich, Berlin, Miami, Moscow, Paris, etc.

Every market has it’s own specialty: some offer a lot of editorial, others catalogue work  and soma are just good for being discovered. It’s a global business. You need to be present all over. This can be covered with our modelportals  from any girls house now.

MM: Being president and CEO of the modeling agency Metropolitan Models, founder of Model Karma and having discovered supermodels such as Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova, we would like to know what inspired you in order to make your way into the fashion industry and how did you start your career?

TZ: Beauty is my passion, unveiling it in girls who have the potential is my job.

M: You will soon launch a new book entitled “Model Wisdom”, can you give us a little sneak peak?

 TZ: In Model Wisdom – the Art of Modeling  the reader will get, without excuses, tips & tricks from me, only somebody who ran a top agency and managed hundreds of girls could possibly give A must read for models.

MM: Your TV-show, “Beauty Hunter”, will be looking for the next generation of beautiful women; can you explain us a bit more about this project and give some extra advice as for what a beauty hunter needs in order to find the correct models?

TZ: To find models in my show Beauty Hunter we need  all the girls out there who think they have the special something to become a model to make us aware of them.

My production crew will follow any lead we learn about….a call, an e mail, photos or any kind of hint of where we might find interesting and unique girls.  I will fly to the locations with my fashion photographer, meet the girls, get to know where they live and hang out…parents, friends and places.

We will give them some advice how to dress and pose and take on the spot, fabulous shots of them.  Everybody  will be amazed about the transformation into a real model look. In every episode 3 girls will be invited to NYC and one of them will get a model job with a client.

MM: Any new projects that you have in mind that you could share with us?

TZ: We will go on Tour with our Seminars and are planning another TV series.

MM: What future plans do you have for ModelKarma?

TZ: I hope we will be represented in most of the countries in the world by the end of this year, to make it even easier to succeed in Modeling and to get in touch with us. And of course to make stars out of the Fresh Faces winners. Athletes have great potential for modeling.

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